Episode 9 - Revenge of the Nerds

Whew... That was a long one! A long time has passed since our last recording, but we are back and kicking! Think of it as our premier of Season 2.

We had many wonderful speakers this episode, including Uncled1023, Witheld, Zanthas, Kori, Aaboagye, and Spoonm.


  • iPhone 6s Release
  • Microsoft's own Linux Distro - Link
  • Windows 10 Data Concerns
  • Blackberry - Android Edition - Link
  • Elephone Vowney dual boot win 10 and android 5.0
  • D-Link spilled its private key onto the web – letting malware dress up as Windows apps - Link
  • The Clock Bomb
  • HP going under? [30k lay offs]
  • Libreboot now supports several Core2Duo laptops from around 2008, which means it's actually possible to do fairly normal computing completely with FOSS